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Wolffpac Tech specializes in creating unique electronic solutions in kit and assembled form.  


Designed by an Electrical Engineer with 40+ years experience, our solutions provide a solid design every time.


Our products are offered for sale on Ebay and directly on this site.  We accept PayPal as payment ensuring our customers a safe transaction.



Our replacement displays are offered in kit form.  When assembled, these displays are drop-in replacements for the original displays used on many machines. 


The kit offers a low cost option allowing you to assemble your own board.  All parts needed for assembly will be provided.  The only tools needed are ( tools are not included in kit ): 


  1. Soldering iron: A small to medium power soldering iron of 25-50 watts with a small tip, preferably temperature controlled, is recommended.

  2. Diagonal cutters: A set of diagonal or wire cutters intended for cutting electronic component leads.

  3. Solder: Use only solder designated for electronic component assembly. Either lead-based or lead-free solder are both acceptable. Use of solid core, acid core or plumbing solder is not acceptable and will void the warranty. 


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