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Quantity of 2, Bally 6803 Dual Display. Original Orange color LEDs.When assembled, this display will replace the displays used on Bally pinball machines that use the Dual Display. 


This is shipped as a kit of parts. Everything you need to assemble this kit is included except for solder.

Note: The cables shown in the picture are NOT included.


Kit is shipped with Orange color LED digits. Inquire about availability of Red, Blue, Green and White digits.


This is a list of the machines believed to be compatabile with this display:



  • Blackwater
  • City Slicker
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Escape from the Lost World
  • Hardbody
  • Heavy Metal Meltdown
  • Motordome
  • Party Animal
  • Special Force
  • Strange Science
  • Truck Stop

2X Bally 6803 Dual Display

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