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This is a set of five, 6-digit displays. When assembled, these displays will replace the 6-digit displays used on Hankin solid state pinball machines. These displays do not require that all displays are replaced at the same time and can be used alongside any number of original VFD displays in the same machine.


This is shipped as a kit of parts that must be soldered. Everything you need to assemble this kit is included except for tools and solder.


For the complete list of compatible machines, see the list below.


This is believed to be an accurate list of machines with displays compatible with this replacement. Since we are unable to test this board in every configuration, we take no responsibility for any errors. However, we do welcome feedback as to any errors that are found so that we can update this list.


Dennis Lillee's Howzat!


Orbit 1


The Empire Strikes Back


5x Hankin 6-Digit Display Kits

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