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This display will replace the displays used on Williams System 6A, 7, or System 9 pinball machines that use the C-8363/C-8364/C-8365 displays. This kit replaces all 5 displays used on these machines. Note, these displays cannot be mixed with the original displays and must replaced as a set.


This is shipped as a kit of parts. Everything you need to assemble this kit is included except for solder. This display kit is NOT compatible with machines that use more than 5 displays e.g. bowler games.


Note: Most Williams 'Comet' machines were shipped with the special "Comet" style display controller that uses pinned connectors for the MCU cables rather than edge connectors. That display kit is available in a separate listing. Please carefuly check your machine before ordering.


The cables shown in the picture are NOT included.


Available with OrangeRed, Blue, Green or White color LED digits.

Williams System 6A-9 Display kit

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