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When assembled, this kit will replace the original display used on pinball machines that use the WPC Alphanumeric Display. This kit completely replaces the display used on these machines.


This kit is available in two forms:

The ‘Full kit’ Display comes with 32 individual 14-segment LEDs

The ‘Semi-kit’ Display comes with the LEDs pre-mounted on a carrier board.


The ‘Semi-kit’ has almost 50% fewer solder points than the ‘Full kit’ (511 vs. 987 solder points)


This is shipped as a kit of parts. Everything you need to assemble this kit is included except for solder.

Note: The cables shown in the picture are included.


The ‘Semi-kit’ is available with Orange color LED digits.

The ‘Full kit’ is available with Orange , Red, Blue, Green and White digits.


This is a list of the machines believed to be compatible with this display:




      The Machine: Bride of Pin-bot


Williams WPC Alphanumeric Display Kit

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